Have a positive attitude.

Be willing to share and cooperate.

Behave in a way that exemplifies school pride.

Strive for the best grades possible.

Be an outstanding student.



To alert and inform parents and students, progress reports are sent home at the halfway through of each trimester.  These progress reports do not become a part of the student's permanent record.  However, progress reports do serve as an official warning that there is an immediate need for scholastic improvement.  If parents need more information regarding the problem, they should immediately contact the classroom teacher.

Grades and student progress can be checked anytime using Parent Portal and/or Student Portal.



Completing homework is an important part of a student's educational experience. All CV students are expected to complete every homework assignment for every class. Failure to complete all assignments will result in a lower grade.



Honor roll eligibility is based upon a point system and is computed each trimester.

  • A = 4 points
  • B = 3 points
  • C = 2 points
  • D = 1 point
  • F = 0 points

All subjects count equally.  Students are recognized each trimester for Honor Roll.  Students with a GPA of 3.0 to 3.499 will receive Honor Roll recognition.  Students with a GPA of 3.5 to 4.0 will receive Principal's Honor Roll recognition.



GPA is a Grade Point Average. Each grade is given a point value. To find your student's GPA, add up your points and divide by the number of classes.

  A-, A, A+   4
B-, B, B+ 3
C-, C, C+ 2
D-, D, D+ 1
F 0


For example:  

    PERIOD        GRADE       POINTS   
1 A- 4
2 C 2
3 B+ 3
4 B 3
5 A 4
6 B- 3
7 D 1

GPA = 4+2+3+3+4+3+1= 20
20 divided by 7 (classes) = 2.8571 which equals = 2.86 GPA

Please Note: Honors course grades are non-weighted. 



Cerro Villa takes pride in recognizing and rewarding outstanding students.  There are many opportunities for students to receive recognition.  The first steps in that direction are your responsibility.  Those students who follow the steps to success will be eligible for one or more of the following types of recognition.

  • HERO Points: Teachers give out HERO points for students who demonstrate good work habits and good citizenship.  Students can accumulate points to receive prizes and other school incentives.
  • Student of the Month: Each month, teachers nominate students who have achieved academic improvement or excellence, demonstrated consideration, a positive attitude or student leadership.  Parents/guardians will receive an invitation to our monthly ceremony where students are recognized and receive their certificate.
  • Commemoration Awards Night: Teachers nominate outstanding students in all academic areas.  Green medallions are awarded at this time along with High Academic Awards.
  • Presidential Awards: Students with a 3.5 GPA or better for all trimesters in 7th grade and the two trimesters in 8th grade will be invited to this nationally recognized awards program in the spring.
  • Promotion Ceremony: The top students in each subject area are awarded at this special ceremony held on the last day of school.  Gold Medallion recipients are recognized at the ceremony.