• If the student is absent, parents may call the Attendance Line, (714) 997-6020, before noon to explain the reason for the absence. Parents are requested to call each day of the student's absence. (If this procedure is followed, it will not be necessary for the student to bring a note when he returns to school.)
  • ​If parents do not call, it is the student's responsibility to bring a note verifying the absence within (3) days of returning to school. Detentions will be issued for failure to comply. A doctor's note is required when the student's absence is caused by any medical visit. And on the 5th straight day of absence a doctor's note is required.
  • ​When the student returns to school after an absence, he must report to the attendance window to secure a re-admit slip before going to class. Students must get their re-admit slips no later than 7:45 A.M. or tardies will not be excused.
  • Students who arrive tardy to school, must report to the attendance window in order to receive a pass to class. All tardies must have a note in order to clear the tardy.
  • ​Any unverified absence of thirty (30) minutes or more from any period is considered a truancy. Continued truancy is a direct violation of the California State Law and can result in transfer to another school and will be reported to the Student Attendance Review Board.



Students are required by law to attend school regularly. California law allows absences for illness, quarantine directed by a health office, medical, dental, or optometric services, and for funeral services of a member of the student's immediate family. The school will attempt to cooperate with families having emergency or unusual situations; however, students absent for reasons other than those listed above may be considered truant and may be assigned detentions and recommended to the O.U.S.D. School Attendance Review Board.




When students are absent from school, we encourage them to check online for class assignments. Students can view their OUSD Student Portal, Google Apps, or Power School accounts for homework and/or assignment information. If they follow this procedure, it will avoid the problem of falling behind.

Parents may also request homework for an absence of at least (3) days. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours is necessary to collect the work. Parents can pick up requested work from the Attendance Office the day following the request.




OUSD Board Policy states that a teacher may assign a grade of "F" when a student has accumulated ten (10) or more unexcused absences. Also, the "F" grade resulting from unexcused absences will be identified as such on the student's permanent record. Parents need to be aware that taking students out of school for a vacation may result in an unexcused absence and an "F" grade.



Students have enough time to go from one class to another provided they do not waste time.
Each student has the responsibility to be in their assigned seat and ready to work with all required materials before the tardy bell rings. Teachers have an established tardy policy for their classrooms.
On the fourth tardy, students will be referred to the Counseling Office for discipline consequences.