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Cerro Villa Middle School has a student uniform policy. Students are prohibited from wearing any clothing which is disruptive to the instructional process and/ or considered unsafe, dangerous, and divisive or a health hazard as determined by the Cerro Villa administration. Also prohibited are clothes or accessories which contain offensive or obscene symbols (depicting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, vulgar language, violence, vandalism, or sexual activity), signs, slogans or words degrading any gender, cultural, religious or ethnic values. Clothing or accessories considered to have group or gang identification symbols as determined by the Orange County Sheriff and the Orange Police Department are also not allowed. Inappropriate clothing / accessories will be confiscated. Please contact school administration if interested in a uniform waiver.

  • CLICK HERE for a copy of our Uniform Policy.

  • Students must wear a CV polo shirt in forest green, black, or grey along with black pant bottoms.  Items can be purchased through our partner companies:






  • Students enrolled in Physical Education will be wearing our official P.E. Uniforms that can be purchased during Registration (in August) or anytime throughout the school year (as long as inventory is available). Uniforms can be purchased at Student Services before school, at Nutrition or Lunch, and after school.  Students will take their receipt of purchase and present it to their P.E. teacher to receive their uniforms.
  • ​Shirts and shorts are kept in stock all year long in the P.E. Department.  It is REQUIRED to purchase P.E. clothes for the CV School Physical Education program.
  • ​The P.E. uniform includes: Green Dry Fit T-shirt with our Viking logo and Black Mesh Shorts.  Students may wear their last year's uniform or their older sibling's uniform.
  • ​To complete the uniform, each student should have a pair of white athletic-type socks, and a pair of tie-on tennis shoes.  Sweat clothing will be allowed in colder weather and should be gray, green, or gold pull-on sweats.
  • ​Students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to wear their CV logo uniform shirts, black pants/shorts or the CV hooded sweatshirt with or in lieu of the P.E. uniform.
  • ​Other necessary items for the P.E. locker might include deodorant in a non-breakable, non-aerosol container (no AXE or Tag), small towel, brush or comb, band-aids and safey pins.

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