Students will assume sole responsibility for loss or damage to any school or personal property issued to or belonging to them, such as garments, equipment, books, folders, or musical instruments. The school will, in every way possible, endeavor to protect all such properties, but it is not responsible for them. If found at school, items such as cell phones, curling irons, cameras, baseball cards, etc., will be confiscated and returned only to the student's parents.



If the student has an emergency, he/she should notify the main office for assistance. Cell phones must be turned OFF AT ALL TIMES unless specifically directed by a teacher. They are not to be used at any time during school hours.Cell phones will be confiscated if in use during school hours. They will only be returned to parents. iPods, portable game systems, and other electronic devices are not allowed on the Cerro Villa Middle School campus. Please keep these items at home. iPads, Kindles and other tablets may be used at appropriate times at the teacher’s discretion. We are NOT responsible for any electronic device that is lost or stolen at school.


Bicycles are to be parked in the enclosure next to the West Polygon and must be locked at all times. Students who cannot conform to these rules may lose the right to ride their bikes to school. Students are not allowed in the enclosure during the school day, and bicycles are not to be ridden on campus. Remember, bicycles are the responsibility of the student.The school is not responsible for damage or loss of bicycles. Skateboards, skates and razors are not allowed on campus at any time. The items will be confiscated if they are brought to school.


Found articles should be brought to the Lost and Found, which is located in the Attendance Office and also in the East Polygon. Students should have identification marks on all of their personal belongings and should repeatedly check if anything has been lost. Unclaimed articles will be donated to a local charity at the end of each trimester.


Penal code 414.27 prohibits the possession of a laser pointer by any student on a secondary school campus. Laser pointers are NEVER to be brought onto Cerro Villa Middle School campus.