Emergency Cards & Emergency Drills





Emergency cards are to be completed each year by parents and filed in the office. It is essential that these cards be ACCURATE AND UP-TO-DATE, in case of an accident or extreme illness.  You can update emergency contact information at any time during the school year to assure we have the correct information to help your student.  Only legal parents and guardians are allowed to update information on emergency cards.  Persons listed on the emergency card should be readily able and willing to assume responsibility for the student in the parent’s absence.

If you need to do a change of address, it must be made in the Student Services Office and you must provide (2) proofs of residence. Please contact the Registrar in Student Services at: (714) 997-6251.




Emergency evacuation drills will be conducted regularly. All students should become familiar with the procedure to be followed in each of their classes. Students are to report to their third period teacher upon reaching the basketball courts, sit down for roll call, and remain with their class during the entire time of the drill. No talking, running, or pushing is to occur during a drill.